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Political Campaign Sign Regulations
Sign Regulations for Political Campaigns
Specific political sign regulations limit the time period signs may be posted, restrict the size and number of signs permitted on each property, and provide the city with enforcement authority under certain circumstances.

Political campaign signs must adhere to the following regulations:
  • May be posted no sooner than sixty (60) days prior to election day
  • Must be removed by no later than seven (7) days after the election
  • May not exceed a total of three (3) square feet for each property within residential zones
  • May not exceed a total of ten (10) square feet for each property within nonresidential zones
  • May not be attached to utility poles, traffic signals, or any other traffic control device
  • May not be placed, attached to, or otherwise located on or extending over any public property or public right of way

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Properties / Public Rights of Way

Public Right of Way

Allowed Locations

Prohibited Locations

Sidewalks Sign may placed behind the sidewalk, which means the side of the sidewalk that is located furthest away from the street Sign may not be placed in the landscaped strip between the street and the sidewalk
In the absence of a sidewalk Sign may placed at least six feet from the face of the curb or berm Sign may not be placed less than six feet from the face of the curb or berm

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