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Grover Beach Virtual Port - Here Are The Facts...

What is the Virtual Port project?

Grover Beach’s Virtual Port will provide access to global communications on the lowest latency route between North America, Asia, and South America. This translates into the fastest Internet connection for our local and regional communities, and is a huge opportunity for those who want to move to this beach community – it’s a great place to spread your wings.

Why is Grover Beach initiating this project?
Grover Beach is initiating this project because the City is in a unique position with all the necessary components, including sufficient affordable land, a desirable location, and the political will to make it happen. Global communication has increased exponentially since the introduction of transcontinental broadband networks, and consistently fast delivery of digital information has become critical to the success of almost every business. With that in mind, Grover Beach welcomes this innovative technology and the economic development this project brings to the community.

What expertise does Grover Beach have to manage this project?
Grover Beach has partnered with a private end-to-end data infrastructure company, Digital West Networks, Inc., to build the largest municipal fiber broadband network between Los Angeles and San Jose.

When is the Virtual Port ready for use?
The Virtual Port is ready now to provide high speed Internet access to businesses in Grover Beach and to businesses wanting direct connectivity between North America, Asia, and South America.

Who are the ideal companies for this area?
Companies who need affordable commercial space and who need access to the fastest Internet connection anywhere in the world.

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