City Manager Responsibilities

Powers & Duties

As the administrative head of the City, the City Manager has the following powers and duties:

  • Law Enforcement - To oversee that all laws and ordinances are enforced
  • Authority over Employees - To supervise, develop, motivate, evaluate, and direct all City employees
  • Powers of Appointment and Removal - The City Manager is charged with the duty to appoint, remove, promote, and demote any and all employees of the City
  • Financial Reports - The City Manager shall keep the City Council advised of the financial conditions and needs of the City
  • Budget - The City Manager shall prepare and submit the proposed annual budget to City Council for approval

Note: This is just a partial listing of the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager. For further information, please see Grover Beach Municipal Code Sections 2106-2107. In addition, GBMC Section 2108 states that the City Council and its members, whenever possible, shall deal with the operations of the City only through the City Manager, except for purposes of inquiry, advice, information or follow up. This section helps to keep continuity of communication, direction, and planning within the City organizational structure.

Additional Responsibilities

The City Manager also prepares a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) in accordance with goals established by the City Council. Some of the City Manager's community outreach programs include the preparation and publication of a citywide newsletter, continuously updating information for the City website and Government Cable Access Channel, and speaking to service clubs, neighborhood groups, and at special events.