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The Planning Division is responsible for implementing the General Plan by ensuring that development projects are consistent with the goals, policies, and programs outlined in the General Plan and by ensuring that development projects are consistent with the Grover Beach Development Code and applicable state laws. The Planning Division reviews all development permits, including Use Permits, Subdivision applications, and projects requiring environmental review. The Planning Division provides technical analysis of development permit applications and makes recommendations for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council regarding all land use issues. The Planning Division also serves the public by responding to public inquiries regarding zoning and development.

Administratively Approved Planning Permits (FY 2018 to date)

These permits are approved by the Community Development Director. The Community Development Director's decision may be appealed to the Planning Commission within 10 working days of the approval date. Appeals shall be filed as provided in Municipal Code Article IX Development Code Section 6.30.020.

Find a list of Approved Planning Permits.

Commercial Cannabis Permits Approved by the City Manager

The City Manager has approved the following Commercial Cannabis Permits, click here to view them.

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