New Water and Wastewater Rates - 2017

The City of Grover Beach is dedicated to providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services in a cost effective manner. The City is investing in water and wastewater infrastructure and resources in order to assure the City will continue to have a sustainable water supply and reliable water and wastewater systems that can adequately serve the community now and in the future.

Monthly rates charged to customers on a bi-monthly basis are the primary source of revenue to operate our water and wastewater systems. This revenue provides funding for annual operating costs, capital projects to improve our infrastructure, and adequate reserves to plan for emergencies. In addition, the City may need to purchase an emergency water supply to assure delivery of water to customers during drought conditions.

A recent study indicated that revenues from current utility rates do not fully cover operating costs of the system and do not provide adequate funding for over $7 million in capital projects needed to improve our water ($5.4 million) and wastewater ($1.8 million) systems. In addition, there are currently no provisions within the existing rate structure to allow for the purchase of an emergency water supply should it become necessary as a result of drought conditions.

The City Council conducted a public hearing on March 6, 2017 to consider increases to water and wastewater rates as recommended in the study. The City Council approved a multi-year increase in water and wastewater rates to provide additional funding to meet the needs of the City's utility systems. The new rates will go into effect beginning July 1, 2017. For the typical single family home that uses 14 CCF (hundred cubic feet) of water every two months, the water portion of your bill would increase approximately $10 per month. The wastewater portion of the bill would increase approximately $1 per billing cycle.

A similar increase in rates is scheduled to be enacted effective October 1, 2017. However, prior to this effective date the City Council will receive a report on the operating budget and proposed projects for the water and wastewater systems before deciding to enact this and subsequent rate increases.

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