Issued Commerical Cannabis Permits

Approved Commercial Cannabis Permits

The permits below were approved by the City Manager. The approval of the Commercial Cannabis Permit may be appealed to the City Council within 10 days of the approval date as provided in the Municipal Code Article III Chapter 18 Section 4000.160.G. Appeals shall be filed with the City Clerk and the required appeal fee.

Permit Location
650 Farroll Road, Suites A-D (PDF)
Crosstown California Holdings, LLC
949 Highland Way (PDF)The Hive, LLC
1141 Highland Way, Suite A (PDF)
Coastal Business Distribution, LLC
930 Huber, Suite A (PDF)
Gold Coast Enterprises
930 Huber, Suite H (PDF)
America's Best Cannabis, LLC
927 S. 4th Street (PDF)Mary's Tech CA, Inc.