City Projects (Capital Improvement Program)

The City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) outlines a schedule of expenditures over the ensuing five-year period, 2024-2028.  The CIP does not address all of the capital expenditures for the City, but provides for larger scale infrastructure improvements that are permanent in nature, including transportation systems, and municipal facilities.

CIP projects must be in excess of $50,000 with a useful life of at least ten years; or a study of at least $50,000 that will lead to such projects; or add to the value or capacity of the infrastructure of the City.   Projects that are considered operational or routine maintenance are excluded from this program.

This Year’s Capital Improvement Projects 

Click here to review the adopted Capital Improvement Program and learn more. 

Bids and Proposals

The City of Grover Beach routinely posts opportunities to bid on City projects or submit proposals for various support services. Capital Improvement Program projects are posted for contractors to bid on once construction documents are prepared. For a list of current bid and proposal opportunities, click here.