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Planning Commission Agenda Materials
The City of Grover Beach encourages all residents and interested parties to participate in City government meetings. Your participation and presence are essential to good government.

The following items are posted in PDF format. Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which allows you to view, navigate, and print files in this format across all major computing platforms for free.

Planning Commission Meeting
Date / Time: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.
Council Chambers, 154 South Eighth Street, Grover Beach, CA

Meeting Agenda


Item 1.    Development Permit Application No. 11-025 / 
                 Applicant – Spiritual Center for Creative Thought

              Request for approval of a Use Permit to operate a church within an existing commercial building. 
              Location: 555 South 13th Street (APN 060-298-005 and 060-298-010), Unit G,
              Neighborhood Commercial (C-N) Zoning District.

Item 2.    Development Permit Application No. 10-023 / Applicant – T-Mobile West Corporation
              Request for approval of a Coastal Development Permit, Site and Architectural Plans, and Use Permit
              to modify an existing commercial building by increasing the height of the cupola from 40-ft 6-in
              to 42-ft 6-in and installing a cellular antenna within the cupola. Electrical and other related
              equipment is proposed to be located within the interior and exterior of the building.
              Location: 170 West Grand Avenue (APN 060-206-026) in the Coastal Visitor Services (C-C-V)
              Zoning District. This project is appealable to the Coastal Commission.

Item 3.    Development Permit Application No. 11-006 / Applicant – Bischoff Properties, Inc
              Request for approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map 3038 to subdivide an 8.39-acre parcel into 
              48 single-family residential lots ranging in size between approximately 4,660 and 11,551 gross sq ft.
              All residences would be single story, ranging in size from approximately 1,400 to 1,850 sq ft.
              Project circulation would include the completion of South 16th Street, a local street, along
              the western boundary of the parcel from Huntington Avenue to Farroll Road and create four 
              privately-maintained neighborhood streets. The applicant is applying the State’s Affordable Housing 
              Density Bonus, which allows for a 20% density bonus in return for sale of 10% of the units, for a 
              total of five units, at the low-income level (50% of the median income for SLO County). 
              The applicant is requesting a development concession as part of the State’s Affordable Housing
              Density Bonus. A Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) has been prepared for the project consistent
              with the California Environmental Quality Act and the Planning Commission will consider recommending
              approval of the MND to the City Council.
              Location: North side of the intersection of Farroll Road and South 16th Street 
(APN #060-572-034) in the Single Family Residential (R-1) Zoning District.

              Attachments: 1-9, and 10 (Architectural Renderings only - color version)

Please note: Staff reports may be large files that take time to download, depending upon your Internet connection speed. Contact the Community Development Department at (805) 473-4520 if you have any problems accessing a file.

A public counter copy of the complete agenda packet is available during regular business hours in the Community Development Department at City Hall, located at 154 South Eighth Street.