What is the current scope of the project?

Phase 1 of the project proposes to construct the AWPF facility in the City of Grover Beach, as well as eight (8) wells (3 injection wells and 5 monitoring wells). Phase 1 will also include approximately two (2) miles of pipeline, including 1.1 miles of pipeline in Grover Beach. Please see the attached map showing the location of proposed pipelines in Grover Beach. In coordination with Phase 1, the City of Pismo Beach will also construct one new production well in Pismo Beach to replace an existing failing well, which will be fully funded by Pismo Beach.

Phase 2 of the project would include an expansion to the AWPF to purify water from the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District (SSLOCSD) Wastewater Treatment Plant. Up to three (3) additional injection wells and up to six (6) additional monitoring wells would be constructed in Phase 2 along with interconnecting pipelines. The schedule for Phase 2 of the project has not been established. Phase 1 is a stand-alone, independent project and is not contingent upon Phase 2, which may be considered and constructed should additional water supply from SSLOCSD be needed in the future.

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1. What is the Central Coast Blue project?
2. Who is participating in the Central Coast Blue project?
3. How will the project provide water sustainability?
4. What is the current scope of the project?
5. What is the project timeline?
6. How much will the project cost? How will it be funded?
7. Why has the cost increased since the original project cost estimate?
8. How much additional water will Grover Beach receive?
9. Will the project require rehabilitation of newly improved residential streets in Grover Beach?
10. Why isn’t the City considering using the SSLOCSD plant as an alternative to this project?
11. Where can I learn more about the project?
12. How is Measure K-14 funding separate from the proposed rate study?
13. Why was the site for Central Coast Blue Advanced Water Purification Facility selected in Grover Beach?
14. Who owns the land for Central Coast Blue facility properties?
15. Were there specific requirements regarding the economic status of the community in which the Central Coast Blue facility had to be situated to qualify for grant funding?
16. When does the City expect to have Coastal Development Permit approval for all development within the Coastal zone areas in Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and Oceano?
17. Are other alternative water supplies feasible in creating the same level of benefits for Grover Beach residents?
18. How does the Oceano Community Services District factor into the Central Coast Blue Project?
19. What would Phase 2 of Central Coast Blue cost?
20. What is the cost per acre-foot of water created?